*Hi, for those who are interested in giving me an ARC for review, I am currently not accepting one. I have so many things to do and so many stuff on my head as of now. Sorry, have a great day! :)*

Hi! Keepbooked is my official book blog where I post my bookish thoughts and book reviews. If you are an author or a publisher interested in requesting book review, I am more than happy to do so! Please take a moment to read my preferences before sending me a request.

Genre:  I mostly love reading YA novels (contemporary, romance, dystopian, fantasy, surrealism and sometimes thriller). I also read NA novels and Classics.

Book Format: Paperback, Hardcover and PDFs.

Book Review Style:

My book review style is: Cover x title x author x release date x pages x format x synopsis x my review

When I make a review, I summarize the story plot and setting. I also usually put my thoughts about the story, mention the characters’ personality according to my understanding and the author’s writing style. I also mention what I’ve learned and my favourite quote from the book.

As I’ve mentioned, this is a book blog where you can find everything bookish. Hence, book reviews will be posted here and will be cross-posted on goodreads, it will be mostly linked on my facebook, tumblr and twitter account.


  • If you like your book reviewed within a certain time period, please specify this upon your request. And I’ll let you know if I could review it within the time given.
  • I will also host book features on my blog’s sidebar. Just contact me if you want your book to be featured on my blog!
  • ARCs from publisher or authors will be prioritized. If by chance, you ever want to send me a copy of the book (hardcover/paperback), be reminded that I am from the Philippines.

You can contact me here or email me at alnaabsms@gmail.com :)

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