Hi! I’m Lenn, a 19-year-old bookworm and blogger who loves exploring new places with her books. She lives in the southern part of the Philippines where she hibernates most of the time.

She has a huge obsession with books, stars, hello kitty, vintage stuff and all things pink. She laughs at the most simple things because she appreciate life and accepted its grotesqueness. She blogs about her exciting life experiences here.

This is a separate blog for all her book posts, reviews, lists and everything else bookish. She was inspired by Hazel‘s book blog so she decided to create her own. She has posted her reviews on her personal blog before. So if you want to know what kinds of books she read, you can read them here. Keep booked everyone! ;)

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  1. I see you’ve started a book blog already! Can’t wait to see more of your posts! Awww and thanks for mentioning me as your inspiration. :’)

    • Thank you!! I’ve been reading your book reviews from tumblr to goodreads and I’m so glad you made a separate blog for it. Thanks for being an inspiration! :”>

  2. Hi Lenn! Thanks for liking my About page, and I’ve joined your blog now because I have the same passion for books and reading that you do! :) Nice to meet you. Debb (don’t you just love the double consonants at the end of our names?! :) )

    • Hi Debb! :) And yes, I hate it when someone spells my name ‘Len’, it’s just so wrong! =)) Thank you and nice to meet you too! I followed you too. I can’t wait to stalk your blog for new book reads. ♥

      • Thanks Lenn, you will find that the books I review are current, but the ones I read from my “to be read shelf” at home are quite old – so at least I list the ISBN numbers. :) P.S. Thanks for your follow too.

      • I hope to hear from you more soon! And I like the simplicity in your blog. Take care, Debb and keep booked! ;)

      • I will. You’re a good inspiration, Lenn! :)

      • Aw, you’re too sweet! Thank you. :”>

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