Bookish Review: Play With Me by Piper Shelly

Title: Play With Me (Grover Beach Team, #1)
Author: Piper Shelly
Published: 9th December, 2012
Pages: 254
Format: PDF

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Ryan Hunter’s parties are legend. And tonight she’s going to be there.

Liza Matthews anticipates the return of her best friend and only love since kindergarten from soccer camp. But when Tony finally shows up, his mind is more focused on another girl. And worse, she’s a soccer player. Fighting for the attention Liza craves, she’s just a hairbreadth away from making a very stupid decision. But when extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures, she’s prepared to play ball to get her man.

The tryouts are hell, the first match ends bloody, and the morning after the selection party she wakes up in the worst place possible—in the arms of the captain of the soccer team. The hottest guy in school. Ryan Hunter.



Have you fallen in love with your best friend? Have you ever daydreamed about how the two of you would end up together? How you were so sure that you’d eventually have that happily ever after if only you waited? But what he didn’t? What if all he sees is your friendship and he looks at you like a sister? What if he doesn’t see any future with you? And what if one day, it all changed and you find yourself falling for someone else?

When I read the description of this book, I thought to myself that this will be an interesting short read. I am always fascinated by stories wherein best friends fall in love. Yeah, it’s too overrated but it happens in real life. And being “friendzoned” really hurts, although I haven’t felt that way towards my guy best friend before and I know he doesn’t either. Ha! The story actually kept me going and I was a bit hurt with how Tony acted towards Liza in the story.

Liza, for me, is a contradiction of vulnerable and strong. I loved how she wanted to prove herself just to make Tony realize how much she loves him. She kind of reminds me of high school girls, how they were so jealous at everything and how they’d do anything just to put the other girl down. What I probably don’t like about her is that she decides even before thinking about the consequences, but I guess that made her stronger.

I loved Tony during the first few pages, I love how protective he was over Liza and how he understands her every time. But after several chapters, I started to get confused on how the story will end because Tony suddenly turned into some kind of a jerk. And I think I hate Cloey as much as Liza does. Barbie Clone.

“I kind of took you for granted. Your love for me was permanent. Why should I have worried about losing you?” 

Ryan, oh Ryan. I didn’t like him at first but oh my golly, he turned into this handsome prince-charming in the next chapters. I loved how he was always there for Liza and how he remained a gentleman even when all he wanted to do was kiss her right there and then. I loved how he was always ready to catch Liza whenever she feels like falling.

“For a minute there, I thought I stood a chance. But I guess in the end, Mitchell will still be the lucky one.” 

Piper Shelly wrote this story well enough for readers to feel what her characters feel. I actually didn’t have an idea on how this book will end when I started. Well, for one, I thought Tony and Liza would end up together. I even rooted for the M&M couple! But as Tony became a total a-hole, I suddenly fell in love with Ryan and admired him for taking care of Liza even when his chances weren’t so clear.

“For the time being—”He emphasized each word. “I’ll be the only one climbing through your window.” 

This book was quite a pleasant surprise. I never thought I’d get hooked to it as much as I did! Recommended to all hopeless romantics out there. :)

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  1. Piper Shelly

     /  September 26, 2013

    Aw, lovely review. Thank you Alena!
    And it’s always fun to see what quotes from this book people like best. :-)

    • You’re welcome! And I loved your book so much, I just finished reading Ryan Hunter, like right now. And loved it even more! Lovely characters indeed. I’m going to review it soon, too! <3


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