Bookish Project Happiness #3

This Bookish Project Happiness is a weekly feature by Alena @ keepbooked; a compilation of all the things we find interesting, inspiring or artsy about books and/or reading in the internet or even in the real world.

So for this week’s Booish Project Happiness post, I am going to present an Eleanor & Park fan art! It’s so cool that I found this fan art this week, because it’s my current read! Anyway, it’s just a simple fan art but shows so many feelings. So, here it is!

Made a process GIF of the latest Eleanor  Park piece. Which I’ve always wanted to try but forget to save all the layers. Though watching this now makes the perfectionist in me want to go back a few steps on some areas… Anyways, my basic process: 1. quick, loose thumbnail  2. Sketch in black in white. Working digital, I like to sketch with values instead of line- really more painting than drawing.  3. Add a layer set on “color” to get a loose idea of color direction. And then probably a “mul(Source:

Well, I like the way it’s done. It sort of looks like a Japanese-themed poster or whatever you call it. The simplicity caught my attention the moment I stumbled upon it while surfing the net. It’s just seems so peaceful and well, I have a thing for monochromatic stuff. Anyway, I haven’t finished reading Eleanor & Park yet. But I am seriously loving it so far! Reminds me of how first love feels like! <3

Did you like this post? Leave comments and tell me what you think! But what about you? What caught your attention or what made you happy this week? Post your own Bookish Project Happiness and don’t forget to link me your posts here as comments, I’d love to check them out!

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  1. That picture! ♥_♥ I feel exactly as you do about it! You just stole my thoughts! It is subtle, like Eleanor and perfect in every way! Thanks for sharing!! ^-^


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