Top Ten Tuesday #1

Top Ten Tuesdays is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. An idea for a “Top Ten” list relating to bookish things is posted every week on her blog.  For more information about the meme, click here.

For my first ever Top Ten post: Things That Make My Life as a Blogger and Reader Easier

For this top ten, I will list five things that makes my life as a blogger easier and another five for my life as a reader.

I have started this book blog just a few months back, so I still consider myself a newbie. I’m still familiarizing with a lot of things in the book blogging world. So far, I’ve met a lot of pretty amazing people who loves books just as much as I do. Anyway, in the past months, I realized that being a book blogger is hard. There are times when I don’t have reviews to write since I haven’t finished reading a book yet, which makes the blog look like it’s abandoned, so I have to come up with things to post. Plus, I also have other things to attend to outside the book blogging world, good thing there are a lot of resources in and out the internet that I can use.

My life as a blogger:

  1. Goodreads – Goodreads has been helping me list books I want to read and books that I have read already for a few years now. It has been a big help so I wouldn’t have to list all those books one by one. It has also been where I find new books to read!
  2. WordPress – Of course, this blog wouldn’t fit anywhere else but wordpress. It makes writing posts so easy with its user-friendly features.
  3. Twitter – Twitter has been a big help in getting to know book bloggers around the world! And also in linking my blog posts so that others would come and visit my blog. It’s been a big help since using it is just as simple as 123.
  4. Google Drive – Google Drive has been a place where I post my drafts especially when I have a free time in the office. A few sites are blocked, so I use Google Drive for my draft posts.
  5. Feedly – I have just recently joined Feedly and so far loved how organized it it unlike other feed readers. I love how simple it is and how easy it is to view every post of the blogs I follow.

My life as a reader:

  1. The Library – Libraries has been one of the greatest places to read books. Especially when I am in school, that’s the only peaceful place. And I loved staying there for hours, during break times or while waiting for my parents to fetch me.
  2. Bookshops – Bookshops will always give me the feels. I love shopping for books (especially on sales! Yay for sales!). When I am inside a bookshop, I always feel like a kid in a huge bookstore. Yep, with all those “Oohs” and “Wows”.
  3. Fullybooked – I just had to make a separate bullet for Fullybooked. It has been where I buy books for the past years; where I get most of the books from my shelf. And Lucy has also been a big help with my love for books, she’s always just a tweet away!
  4. Moleskines – My diary-like notebooks where I write all the pretty, lovely, heartbreaking and inspiring quotes I find from all the books I read.
  5. Sticky notes – I always buy arrow-shaped sticky notes. I use it in the pages of my books where there is a convo which I loved, so I wouldn’t have to look it up everytime!

How about you guys? Have you posted your Top Ten list already? If so, link them up here, too! I’d love to read your TTT! Not a book blogger? Comment what you think about this post!

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  1. Ooooh, you’re doing TTT now too, huh. (Am I the only one who doesn’t?) HAHAHA, but if I did, my list would be pretty similar. I don’t use google drive though. And ahhh, moleskines are too expensive for my life. O_O I do love post-its though!!!! And I always read at our school library, but it sucks since I can’t laugh out loud or cry. I’d rather read at home, in bed. Yep, my bed’s pretty important for my life as a reader. :)

    • Yeah, since I haven’t posted any reviews lately. I decided to do memes. I want to join different memes for each day, but I doubt I’d be able to post everyday. So, no. :( Haha. Oh, and I actually only found out about Google Drive last April. Hee. And omg, I love post-its too! Different colours and design. Agh. I want them all! =)) I usually go to the farthest side of the Library and be an emogirl there. Lol. And yeah, my bed know all my cry-cry and happy moments. Oh, I forgot to include that. Haha Oh well! Thanks for sending some love, Hazel! :) <3

  2. WOOHOO go TTT! :D And I agree so much with your choices too XD I don’t use Goodreads a lot (but I do have one now!), although I do use it to search for books and quotes, and I link most of my images to their Goodreads profiles too! I think I use OneNote to serve the Google Drive function XD And WordPress! Well of course! Where would I even be without it HAHA. I love Twitter too. It’s been my way of conversing with a lot of other bloggers, and it’s fun! Now I know why my classmates are addicted. I don’t use Feedly, because Bloglovin’ works fine, but it seems tempting though. :/ And YES. I think I love Fullybooked the best as a bookstore. The books there are cheaper, and more numerous (especially the Boni High Street branch. 5 floors of heaven!) I want to go to the Mt. Cloud Bookshop (in Baguio…?) It seems like such a cool place D: I don’t have a moleskine (they’re really expensive aren’t they?) though I love using sticky notes for my books, since they don’t mess up my pages :D so much better than dog-earing. Lovely post Alena :)

    • Yay for your looooong comment! Haha. And yes, I do not know of a lot of resources (such as OneNote), so mine are a bit simpler. Feedly is more user-friendly, I think. It’s more easy than Bloglovin, both works fine for me too, though. Ah, and Mt. Cloud Bookshop! I’ve been there once a long time ago, but since I am not the photographer type.. I don’t have photos of it. Haha! But it’s pretty cool there! I loved the ambiance of the place. You should visit it sometime with you brother? :) AND YES, FULLYBOOKED. No explanations needed. Hihi ;) Thank you, Jasmine! <3

  3. Book memes are great ways to meet new bloggers and also keep your blog quite active with posts! Welcome to TTT :) It’s fun. I love Goodreads too. I think it’s on a lot of people’s lists this week. I also love using Twitter to keep up with book bloggers and authors. Oh and WordPress is the best ;)

    • It is! I’ve been thinking about joining for weeks now, but I still had to gather information about TTT by then. Thank you, Chrissi! And of course, Goodreads has been on almost everyone’s list! Same, Twitter works pretty good in terms of communication! :)

  4. Google Drive is a life saver. It keeps me sane and organized so that I don’t miss anything important. Thanks for sharing your list.

    My TTT:

    • Yay! I finally found someone who uses Google Drive, too! It does, right? It’s also easy to use. Thank you for reading! :) Yaaaay, I going to check it out! :)

  5. Oh, another lover of post-it notes! They’re on my list too this week — I’d be a mess without them. Nice list, and welcome to TTT!

    My TTT

  6. Google Drive is one of my main tools!!! I seriously keep track of everything there! And I would be a disaster without Goodreads! ALL of my books are listed there, down to the details! :)

    • Yay! Finally another one who uses Google Drive! :) It’s absolutely resourceful, isn’t it? Ah, and yes, Goodreads will always be what book bloggers need! Thanks for dropping by, Brittany! :)


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