Bookish Project Happiness #1

This Bookish Project Happiness is a weekly feature by Alena @ keepbooked; a compilation of all the things we find interesting, inspiring or artsy about books and/or reading in the internet or even in the real world.

So for my first BPH post, I am going to share with you guys an artsy image of a quotation from one of my favorite books, Looking for Alaska, that I found in the internet a few weeks back. I was searching through google for bookish sayings and came upon this:

( Source:

Isn’t it pretty and cool and amazing? I fell in love with it the moment I lay eyes on it. The colours, the girl.. It’s just perfect. I was just really caught up by it that I even made it my desktop background in the office and at home.

Well, I actually can’t come up with the right words. I don’t really know how to explain why this image made me happy. Maybe, Looking for Alaska is really one of the books that made a big impact to me and I have fallen in love with Alaska that I even plan to name my future daughter after her. And then when I saw this image.. I was just captivated. I loved that line of hers and how it was drawn/sketched or whatever your call it. It’s just so pretty and cool and awesome.

Were you guys inspired by this? How about you, what inspired you or made you happy this week? Post your BPH now! And don’t forget to link me your posts! :)

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  1. It is a beautiful image! I love the colors! I know I’ve read Looking for Alaska in the past, but I honestly don’t remember any of it. I love that it inspires you so much though <3

    • You didn’t like it? Or you just don’t remember because it was too long ago? :) Me too, that’s what actually caught me. The colors! Hehe. Thanks, Asti! <3

      • I don’t remember it either way, which probably means it was a “meh” book for me. I know that’s unusual though, most seem to like it!

      • Oh. Well yeah, a lot of people seems to like it! But that’s okay. I mean, we all have different ‘say’ about a certain book! :)

  2. I really liked Looking for Alaska oh my, although I felt like something was missing. This fanart is amazing though! I really like the colours. Fanart makes me want to cry sometimes, people really have some great ideas and the fact that they can put them on paper or anything blows minds.

    • Same here! I really liked it, and yes, there was something missing though. We cannot say that it’s a happy ending right? And yes, omg, fanarts also make me envy those people who makes them. Because I really love art, although, I am not good at it. :( Haha. Thank you for reading, Sandy! :)

  3. Shannelle (The Tracery of Ink)

     /  August 20, 2013

    Was that hand-drawn or painted, or done in Photoshop? Or whatever, either way, it’s still awesome. The colors are all so pretty.

    • I honestly don’t know. As much as I wanted to know who and how it was done, there wasn’t any information about it. :( But yes, it’s really so lovely. The one who created it was really so talented. <3


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