Keen Cover Friday #1

I was thinking of what to write on my blog so it won’t look like a ghost-town whenever I don’t have reviews to post, so I have decided to start my own book meme. During Keen Cover Friday, I will post a book cover that I find totally attractive.

So for my first ever Keen Cover Friday, it will be The Fault in Our Stars!


When I was young (like 7-years-old-kind-of-young), I usually buy books depending on how attractive the covers are. I mostly get disappointed because the story isn’t as good and as interesting as the cover. So the saying, “Do not judge a book by its cover” suits my younger self.

The Fault in Our Stars, I swear, is one of the cutest and most attractive covers ever. And not only does the cover look good, the story that lies beneath the cover gave each of us so much feels. I find The Fault in Our Stars worthy to be the first one to be presented on Keen Cover Friday because I know all of us find the cover attractive and beautiful. I couldn’t express through words how those clouds, the font and the colour scheme are perfect together. It’s just.. Beautiful.

If you want to participate on this book meme, please leave a comment with the link of your Keen Cover Friday post or if you’re not a blogger, comment with your thoughts about the meme. Thank you! :)

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