Book Haul #1

July Book Haul

I actually love book shopping more than anything else. I’ve always believed that it’s worth it to invest on books rather than on clothes which I wouldn’t be able to wear when my hair turns gray and my skin wrinkles (But don’t get me wrong, I like shopping for fashion outfits too). Bookstores, for me, will always be a comfort place. I could spend hours roaming around, surrounded by the scent of new books.

Well, here’s my recent book haul.

1. Every Day — David Levithan
2. City of Lost Souls — Cassandra Clare
3. If I Stay — Gayle Forman
4. The Great Gatsby — F. Scott Fitzgerald

and my current read..
5. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo — Stieg Larsson

I am excited to read all these amazing books! :)

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  1. Yey for book hauls! I’ve finished the first two books before and I assure you they’re very good! I just recently got a copy of If I Stay too but still haven’t started on it. I was actually looking for someone to read it along with. Wanna read it together? :)

    • I love book hauls! And I love spending most of my time inside a bookstore. :) I think If I Stay is must read, I mean, from what I’ve read at the back cover. Where She Went was sold out when I bought it though. :( And, omg, let’s! \m/

      • I was planning to read If I Stay this weekend. Are you game? :) Btw, are you a part of YA Buddy Reader’s Corner on goodreads? :D

      • I’m still having a “reading buddy”, though. Also in goodreads. And yeah, I am a part of it! I just recently joined the group. :)

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